Test the naturalness of your active ingredients, your excipients, your finished products. Are your suppliers sending you 100% natural essential oils, flavors, pigments? Detect adulteration, authenticate a biobased product or determine its origin.

A carbon-14 test to characterize your cosmetics

The tests for cosmetic products go through the carbon 14 analysis (or radiocarbon) to define the percentage of biobased fraction found in the active ingredients and excipients of a cosmetic product such as perfumes for example or deodorants.

CIRAM, uses the standards
ASTM D6866-22
EN 16640 :2017
ISO 16620-2 :2019
EN 16785 :2016
ISO 21644 :2022

Certification of your biobased products

CIRAM laboratories analyze all cosmetic products to study their biobased content, whether in active ingredients, excipients or finished products.

Using radiocarbon (or carbon-14) analysis, our teams of scientists measure the proportion of natural components compared to synthetic components. With CIRAM radiocarbon report, you can claim you product to be 100% natural according to the chosen standards.

Discover CIRAM different analysis for cosmetic products.

Leader in dating and radiocarbon analysis, CIRAM and its teams of scientists analyse your cosmetic products within 10 working days maximum.



Radiocarbon testing, a CIRAM specialty

The radiocarbon or carbon-14 analysis of your cosmetic products allows you to determine their content of biobased materials. Whatever the typology of the ingredient (emulsifiers, emollients, pigment, preservatives…), radiocarbon analysis will be the perfect tool to quantify precisely the biogenic and synthetic content of your cosmetic products.

The carbon-14 analysis identifies adulteration or falsification of a raw material. By analyzing your inputs, you validate your suppliers and maintain a reliable and constant quality control.


The benefits of radiocarbon testing your cosmetics

In cosmetics, high natural content is increasingly in demand. It is both a marketing and ecological element. CIRAM laboratories perform radiocarbon analysis to check the natural proportion present in the active ingredients of a cosmetic.

A carbon 14 test can then be used for the development of a natural product, the evaluation of a supplier or the control of a product before marketing.

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A complete and precise service in our laboratories

Leader in the analysis of biobased products, CIRAM laboratories ensure:

  • The percentage measurement of the composition of a cosmetic product (natural vs. synthetic percentage);
  • The verification of regulatory and normative compliance of raw materials;
  • The authentication of products from organic agriculture;
  • The identification of plant species by DNA sequencing with our partner DNA Gensee.

Thanks to our experience and know-how, we ensure reliability, versatility and speed by delivering our results in 10 working days.


Current methods and standards for radiocarbon analysis

The CIRAM laboratories are CIR (Research Tax Credit) approved. This attests to the quality and innovative nature of our research.

We use the ATSM D6866, EN 16640 and EN 16785 standards, references in radiocarbon analysis of the biobased content of industrial products.

CIRAM, the world leader in radiocarbon analysis of your products

Since 2005, CIRAM laboratories have been offering a complete radiocarbon dating and analysis service for objects, art, archaeological furniture and industrial materials (biofuels, biopolymers, SRF, agri-food, paint, detergents, etc.).

We can provide you with a carbon 14 analysis of your cosmetic products at each stage of manufacture, from R&D to finished products, including the validation of raw materials and formulation.

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