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Radiocarbon or carbon-14 analysis is used to determine the percentage of natural and synthetic products present in all carbon-containing materials.

Our laboratories are where our scientists measure, verify, and certify your bio-based products. We follow current standards to ensure reliable and legally compliant results.

CIRAM, uses the standards
ASTM D6866-22
EN 16640 :2017
ISO 16620-2 :2019
EN 16785 :2016
ISO 21644 :2022

Radiocarbon, the key to analyzing biobased products

Whether it is for the basic chemical sector, solvents, leather goods, agrochemicals, etc., our scientists adapt to your problems to offer analyses at all stages of your industrial processes: from R&D to finished products, via formulation and quality control. We carry out an assessment in three stages:

  • Identify your problem and define the most relevant analysis.
  • Advise you on the type of sampling.
  • Measuring the percentage of natural vs. synthetic by the radiocarbon or carbon 14 method in accordance with the standards in force.

Analysis of biobased products, a unique expertise

The CIRAM laboratory measures the biobased content of your materials by complying with the international standards in force, such as:

  • ASTM D6866-21: international standard concerning the analysis of biobased content by the radiocarbon method. Depending on the material, ASTM D6866 considers either total carbon or total organic carbon.
  • EN 16640:2017: a European standard detailing radiocarbon techniques for the analysis of biobased products. EN 16640 only considers total carbon.
  • EN 16785:2016: European standard for the analysis of biobased materials by radiocarbon technique and elemental analysis.
  • ISO 16620-2:2019: international standard for the analysis of biobased content by radiocarbon of plastics.

The CIRAM scope

In the field of biobased materials, CIRAM’s scope of investigation is broad. The standards and requirements for biobased products are evolving rapidly and the laws on energy expenditure and the presence of toxic products harmful to health and the environment are becoming increasingly strict. CIRAM helps you in the analysis, measurement and certification of your biobased products according to the standards imposed in your field.


For more information about the components and materials analyzed in our laboratories, contact us. Our scientists adapt the research to your requirements and needs.

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